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The London Baroudeurs at Paris Roubaix

The London Baroudeurs is a cycling club based in London, England.

Started by a group of friends in 2009, Baroudeurs.cc was born in Haute Provence, France, during a mission to reach the top of mighty Ventoux.  The story of that climb and the miles that went before contains much of what was to become this club; it will be told another time…

London is rich with cycle lore and heritage. Many of the great old clubs are no more, though several still go strong.  Each has its own distinct attitude, priorities and outlook. Each have devotees and evangelists, dilettantes and aficionadosFinding a club to ride with is not easy though, despite the choice. Breaking in to what at first might seem an intimidatingly closed circle, wondering whether your legs, bike, face will fit; it can be a daunting process…London Baroudeurs believe that it doesn’t need to be. You’ll find we’re just happy to ride.

We take our name from the French verb, baroud – to battle.  A baroudeur is then one who battles, but in the world of cycling, the designation means something more: a baroudeur also dreams of escape, of flight. These dreams might come to nothing, but baroudeurs dream them anyway; they have zanshin – fighting spirit, they confront their fear, they go.

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We simply love cycling.  If you happen to be in London on your travels and would like to enjoy a local ride, drop us a line: [email protected]

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