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  1. Scared Amoeba
    Scared Amoeba September 27, 2014 at 11:09 am · Reply

    No mention regarding a removable battery, which is a huge disadvantage. This limits the life of the unit to the charge-recharge life of the fitted rechargeable battery, which isn’t great. I like the general concept and I’m currently looking to purchase a rear-facing camera (hence my interest). However, bearing in-mind the other negatives, and the fact it isn’t environmentally friendly, this one’s a definite no-no for me.

  2. Lowell
    Lowell October 4, 2014 at 12:05 pm · Reply

    Thanks for the feedback.

    This is true, we are limited to the life of the battery, and this is precisely why I’ve never had an i-phone, but this doesn’t stop the thousands queuing outside their stores. I guess it comes down to the quality of product and manufacture. My 4yr old Exposure light works tirelessly throughout the year, with no noticeable change in it’s energy levels or output. We’ll be posting updates on how the the camera/light works, and it’ll be particularly interesting how it holds out in the British seasons.

    I think we have to see how the Fly6 lives up to expectations, but for me, the option of having both a light and a camera wins. Plus, in my conversations with the people of Fly6, they seem to be folks who see things our way too. I’m sure that they’ll be considering our environment, product longevity, just as much as our road safety. Let’s see what happens next…

  3. AM
    AM December 13, 2014 at 11:07 pm · Reply

    I’m really interested in Fly-6 latest version. I want to buy 2 of them , one for front and one for rear.
    Is it possible to have a camera as a module ? because I can’t mount in front as a camera due to bliking red light and also to be use as the light for the rear , it is only 30 lumes. So for me light feature is not that useful.

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