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  1. oca
    oca November 20, 2015 at 8:15 pm · Reply

    I’ve just got the new version – the quick release mechanism internals are now all metal and the plastic sockets are much more study. It’s hard to tell from the packaging which version it is though – so look for the metal release buttons.

  2. Lowell
    Lowell November 22, 2015 at 2:32 am · Reply

    Cheers, Oca!

    We’ll look out for the new version. Good to hear SKS have made an updates, but surprising, they haven’t announced it, nor put it on their website: https://www.sks-germany.com/en/products/raceblade-long-black/

    It’ll be interesting to hear how you get along. Feel free to share your experience over the winter months.


  3. Rixter
    Rixter December 1, 2015 at 4:51 am · Reply

    I had my rear clip come undone and have had the guard replace with the v2 model. I wonder, how did you fix a bolt through from underneath, that allowed enough clearance for the tyre AND how did you hold it steady enough to tighten down the nut (with what looks to be a nylon tip).

    If you have a discarded RBL as I found at my LBS, I cut in in half and used it behind the seat tube. Keeps almost everything off my front derailleur and cranks

  4. Phil
    Phil January 28, 2016 at 7:43 am · Reply

    I just came across this post because I’m also not satisfied with my sks raceblades (I have the old shorter ones though). However a few days ago I saw some blades on someone’s bike.
    They look way more useful simply because they are longer without any gap or so:
    I haven’t tested them yet but probably going to buy them. The only question is if – because of their length – they wiggle forth and back and by that scratch on your tire


  5. Lowell
    Lowell January 29, 2016 at 4:33 pm · Reply

    Hi Phil,

    Cheers for sharing your experience and your recommendation! The Shield-30 looks a formidable piece of winter-proofing kit. My only concerns would be the back blade tapping on the seat-tube, and the method of attaching clip mounts. I would definitely add some protective layer on betwen the bike and the zefel.

    Saying that, it fits up to 30mm and is said to be muc hmore sturdy. Phil, would love to hear what you think of it.

    We’re looking for that perfect mudguard – the one that doesn’t just protect you and your precious bike, but your fellow riders too. As ‘Crazy Legs’ put it, “My bum is the perfect mudguard!”

    Now, Crazy Legs; can you mass produce it? 😉

  6. stu
    stu April 18, 2016 at 11:34 am · Reply

    Have got the latest metal clip race blade longs fitted to my wife’s bike. Essentially they operate satisfactorily in keeping the wet and mud at bay. However there is a real issue when trying to remove them. The clearance between the plastic and the metal bridge plates is ridiculously tight. My local LBS shop who supplied them suggested lightly greasing the metal bridge plate – little or no difference. The amount of force required to press down on the metal release catch is ridiculous and even then does not seem to release properly. So much force is required that one ends up bending the bridge plate. I feel that SKS need to go back to the drawing board with this one as the general principle is sound.

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