Singapore Baroudeurs



Singapore Baroudeurs Cycling Club (SBCC) was born out of a Saturday morning east coast breakfast ride between a couple of friends.  On the way to the cafe, personal records and KOM’s were won and lost and the routes became increasingly diverse and lengthy.   As more friends joined us the Saturday breakfast rides gradually evolved into informal club rides.

An existing member of the London Baroudeurs, Glenn relocated to Singapore and it was a natural progression to develop the SBCC on the existing club’s principles.  It doesn’t have to be a daunting process finding a club to ride with.  We are always open and welcoming  to new riders of all abilities joining us and simply coming along for the ride.  The Singapore cycling scene is thriving and it’s fantastic to be a part of it and witness the number of riders increasing all of the time.

In addition to the Saturday breakfast ride (which has become a club institution!) club members regularly participate in events throughout the region, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.  The events range from cycling holidays between club members to sportives and races, so there really is something for everyone to become involved with.

Send an email to or tweet @BaroudeursCC and let us know if you would like to join us for a ride!

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